Why Wood Floors Should Never Be Waxed

Hardwood floors that have excess damage need to be repaired or replaced before refinishing. Always make sure that you treat the damage before putting wax or any other finishing product over a problem that has not been dealt with. If a floor happens to be finished with a polyurethane product, wax should never be used on top of that. Here are a few reasons why wood floors should never be waxed: 

Waxing can cause more harm than good.

  • Waxing causes a buildup of unwanted residue on wood floors. The buildup can trap dirt, debris, and grime which causes your floor to look extremely dull. On the other hand, wax can also make floors be slippery which can create a safety hazard, especially in public areas like an office. 

Waxing can damage the finish on your floors.

  • As stated above, waxing can damage the original finish on your floors. If you put wax on top of a finished wood floor, chemical reactions can occur. These chemical reactions can cause a breakdown of the finish which in turn, damages the floor. This leads to discoloration, peeling, and a dull look overall that no one wants. 

So what should you do instead of waxing? That’s easy, clean and maintain your floors on a regular basis. If a mess is made, clean it up instantly. If you bring in dirt from outside, sweep it up. Doing so keeps your floors always looking their best and keeps your mind free of stress.