Why Wood Floors Should Never Be Waxed

Hardwood floors that have excess damage need to be repaired or replaced before refinishing. Always make sure that you treat the damage before putting wax or any other finishing product over a problem that has not been dealt with. If a floor happens to be finished with a polyurethane product, wax should never be used … Read more

5 Signs Your Wood Floors Need Restoration

Wooden floors are an elegant feature in any home or commercial building, but over time they can become dull, scratched, and worn out. Fortunately, with the right restoration techniques, you can revive your floors and bring them back to life. Wood floor restoration is a process that involves sanding, staining, and adding finishing to your … Read more

Benefits of Restoring Your Wood Floors: Why Restoration is Worth the Investment

Wood floor restoration is an important process that can bring in new life to damaged or aged floors. Due to wear and tear, moisture, and everyday life, wood floors become worn out. This diminishes the overall appearance, functionality, and safety of the flooring which leads to potential hazards. Flooring restoration is an investment that enhances … Read more